Alfa Makina Kazan Sanayi AS

Alfa Makina Kazan Sanayi AS

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It was founded in 1986 by mechanical engineer Kadir KARABAS and the ALFA MACHINE BOILER INDUSTRY INC. went into action in Ostim Industry Area established many investments like heating boilers, steam boilers, Heating boiler, high pressure hot water boilers, superheated oil boilers, heat recovery units and the appurtenant structures in a short period and hence succeeded to gain its customers appreciation. In 1995 it exported first to Bulgaria. In 1996 it started to produce the firing systems like water cooled, air cooled, screw forward force that burns solid fuel in high efficiency. In 1997 aiming the sustainable developing and growing our company established its modern factory with its own equity capital in the Hasanoglu Organized Industrial Region on the land of 9000 square meters as covered manufacturing area and equipped with the machines and implements. So it’s manufacturing quality and capacity is increased significantly. In 1999 it received ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification. In 2001 it started to produce first flame recovery, opposite pressure heating boiler with its own design and manufacturing technology. In 2002 it started to produce first water cap heating boiler by the water hinge technology developed by RND studies. In 2004 in accordance with EN European Directive of Pressured Container by completing the conformity assessment procedures it started to use CE mark for all kinds of boilers and pressured containers. In 2007 it separated the manufacturing of industrial and domestic boilers and increased the quality by means of new manufacturing plant established in Hasanoglu Organized Industrial Region. Our company is aimed to become one of the leading firms of the Turkish Industrial Sector by the investments and activities by means of establishing its own capital equity and financial structure due to its sustainable developing performance despite its young age. Our management system is based on the leadership, customer focused viewpoint, participation of employees, systematic approach in the management, team working, sustainable improvement and development. All the products are TSE certified and our company has the TS-EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. It produces in accordance with CE, Turkish Lloyd and other special certificates and manufacturing quality. Special design and manufacturing can be made according to the system requirements. Keeping its place always in the sector of boiler and pressured container within the continuously increasing working resolution the ALFA MACHINE BOILER INDUSTRY INC. Shall become one of the leader institutions in developing techno-economic conception of the Turkey.

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